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Dear friend,

The Dutch madness has begun, flavouring our days with the colour of orange. A colour we feel closely associated to and not only because of Queens day. It's a colour that represents our work. A combination of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange inspires. It's associated with amusement, the unconventional, extroverts, fire, activity, taste and aroma. A theme that can be found in our work this month. From unconventional interior design to unexpected glass design. From dreaming of faraway lands to driving to neighbouring countries. It's work we put a lot of energy into and get a lot of happiness out of.

So go, be orange for life and have an awesome Koninginnedag.

Recent Work


Portfolio Website

Graziosi Progetti
An outspoken portfolio site that expresses the unconventional design vision of Nina Graziosi. A collaboration between interior design and web design. Be inspired. Visit

NZA New Zealand Auckland

Corporate Website

Take a trip with fashion brand NZA to New Zealand Auckland, the inspiration for their collection. Discover the country, the lifestyle and of course the collection. Visit


Corporate Website

A corporate website showcasing the complete range of violetglass products. Learn more about the history of violetglass and see what it can do for your brand. Visit


Wop wop! Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs is on fire. Since its launch last month, the portfolio site has received two awards, one from CSS and one from Design Licks, and an Honourable mention from Awwwards. We´re as Proud as Punch! Visit

Award Winning Art Director

We're very proud to announce that Martin Strieder a.k.a. the Noodle King has joined our team this month. He's a heavyweight in his own right with a style that can only be described as awesome. By combining unique different styles and makes each one his own, his style is one that consists of many. In other words: he rules!

So why is he called the Noodle King you may wonder? Well that's simple. What spinach is to Popeye, are noodles to Martin. He gets his power from every bowl he eats.
New To The Family
new to the...

A weekend in the life of dpdk

On the 19th of April the whole dpdk crew left the comfort of their cosy desks at the Calandstraat, packed up their stuff, got into 7 cars and drove down to the Belgium Ardennes for the weekend. A weekend filled with inspiration through laughter, food, paintball, amusement, sun, drinks, BBQ's, music, swimming, dancing and (good) converation. To say we came home rested would be a lie, but instead we arrived back on Sunday happy and fulfilled. Even better. Here's a recap of our time together.
Recent Work
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