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Dear friend,

With the temperatures rising waterguns, swimming pools and cocktails spring to mind. We're all in need of some thirst quenching coolness. So ease up ragamuffin and let us take over as your exotic bartender. The specialties this month include snowy snowcones, international hot flavours and expert cocktail shaking communities. Suffering from a case of tropical fever? No worries! Even in sizzling summer we can produce some ice cold cases. And to top it off we will serve you the perfect recipe to chill.

Dust off your hammock, find a shady set of trees (preferably coconut) and lay back. It's time to relax man, you're on holiday!
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International Sites

After the corporate website, we´re very busy launching all the international Fagron sites. Current status: two live and only 28 more to go before cocktail hour. Visit

Hotelschool The Hague

Creating a 5 star concept

A centre of excellence in hospitality needs a website that feels like a 5 star hotel. It helps you choose, hands you information just before you search for it and leaves you wanting to come back. And oh yes, it has to deliver it before you can snap your fingers and say 'Garçon'. Visit

The four main pages are personalized by a proposition for each target group, while customizable blocks at the bottom of each page communicate the four most important overall features at that time.

Category pages give the visitor an overview of what's to come and help you make your choice as if by looking at a dinner menu. The layout of this page automatically adapts to the amount of following pages in the CMS.

On the new website, we gathered all the information in one scrollable page, complete with animated menu to indicate where you are. Content is placed in the centre of the page, while calls to action are always on the bottom-right of the page.

To complete the new look, we set out to make a whole new range of photography, capturing today's people and atmosphere at Hotelschool The Hague.


New to the island

New to the island
Design study
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Sounds like summer
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