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Dear friend,

While people have been flying off to foreign lands, or hanging by the beach on sunny days, studio dpdk never stopped running. Big projects are in post-production, and boy do we have a lot of premieres coming out the next couple of months. Websites, games, new clients and ofcourse the renovation of our office. For now though, let's not shoot too far ahead and playback the events of last month. It's time for the feature film. This month we released a sporty App that's all about teamwork (check out the extreme close up below). We also flew in some very special guest stars who have been working hard on the set of our renovation.

Cheesy as it may sound, there's nothing left to say but: This month's a wrap!
Case Study


Facebook Campaign

And here's the kick off! A Facebook app that allows you to join in the game with your whole team. Compete in an online battle for most popular against other sports teams. Battle it out for some epic prizes by sending in a photo and your favourite team memory. Visit
The Idea
Final Campaign

Work premiering soon

Final Campaign
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