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Dear friend,

10 is the magic number. With our jubilee of the tenth newsletter, in the tenth month we present you with ten updates. To name just a few, 10 elements in a redesign, 10 essentials in building a form creator and 10 new office features. You see, 10 is a powerful number. It represents strengths like leadership, optimism and creative power. It's a grade we give to students who have aced their exam and it's the area code of our city, Rotterdam.

So in honour of this awesome number, without further ado.
It's time for the big 1-0.
Recent Work
Redesign in 10 Steps Soa Aids - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 1 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 2 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 3 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 4 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 5 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 6 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 7 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 8 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 9 - Redesign SoaTest.nl Step 10 - Redesign SoaTest.nl


URL shortener

Create a unique short URL in under 10 seconds. 1. Create redirect. 2. Paste original URL and name your short code. 3. Hit create. And you're done. Visit Ikea
Donation Forms in 10 steps Form creator for Stop Aids Now Step 1 - Donation Forms Stop Aids Now Step 2 & 3 - Donation Forms Stop Aids Now Step 4 & 5 - Donation Forms Stop Aids Now Step 6 & 7 & 8 - Donation Forms Stop Aids Now Step 9 & 10 - Donation Forms Stop Aids Now
Jewel Sprint Launch Download it now in the appstore Video - Meet Jacky
Donate Download on the Appstore Donate

Ten clients we also did work for

10 hours 1 newsletter in 10 steps Step 1 & 2 - Newsletter Step 3 & 4 - Newsletter Step 5 & 6 - Newsletter Step 7 & 8 - Newsletter Step 9 & 10 - Newsletter
Rik loves cruising along on his motorbike with his 10 motor mates, a perfect day ending in a good gaming session on the couch. Besides motors, he's an avid film fan, so if you've lost him, check the local cinema.
Thrilled to announce that the 360° video campaign for Vredestein has won the Gold Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. We're proud to have done the video and app production for this campaign. Visit Ikea
Ten new office features Ten new office features
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