Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels
#16 Crown Jewels
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Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels
Dear friend,

Though the days are getting longer, April has come and gone with the speed of light. It has been a month of fools, the Easter Bunny and Kings and Queens. So we too have joined in the festivities with a couple of gems of projects. Meet some responsive royalty, get a close up encounter with a real Prince and join us on a regal outing to the Ardennes.

After all, we all deserve to feel like royalty sometimes.

CASE: Datacenter rotterdam.

Datacenter Rotterdam | header
Datacenter Rotterdam | interaction design
Datacenter Rotterdam | photography
Datacenter Rotterdam | design
Datacenter Rotterdam | design
Datacenter Rotterdam | visit

CASE: Partnerwaarschuwing.

Partnerwaarschuwing | header
Partnerwaarschuwing | STD detected
Partnerwaarschuwing | warn someone
Partnerwaarschuwing | warn someone
Partnerwaarschuwing | view warning
Partnerwaarschuwing | get tested

We also did work for...


Lu Princeland.

Lu | Princeland
Have you got what it takes to be a true Prince? Get to know the LU Royal family in a challenging game and find the right answers to receive the honorary Prince diploma. Concept by BrandDeli, digital production by dpdk.
The Royal Weekend
The Royal Weekend
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