#19 Ooh la la
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Dear friend,

It's getting hot in herre! Besides a hit song by Nelly, it also refers to our state at dpdk. With the renovation almost finished, the launch of a top secret project and our continuous work, we can say nothing other than: we're on fire! But not to honk our own horn, we do have some soldering hot projects to share with you this month. How about a nice breezy summer beer from Grolsch? Or a hot shot at finding the perfect career? We even have a game with a fire breathing dragon… It doesn't get much hotter than that.

So stick on your sunglasses, stay to cool for school and enjoy our hot news update.
Grolsch Radler
Grolsch Radler | An homage to the legendary Franz Kugler of Kugler Alm, inventor of the Radler beer and all-round awesome guy. The campaign promotes the Grolsch Radler beer and the story behind the legend.
Grolsch Radler | The story behind the legend.
Grolsch Radler | Back in the 1920's bicycles were on the rise in Germany. Pub owner Franz Kugler decided it would be good for business to lay a bike trail right through the woods to his pub.
Grolsch Radler | To celebrate the existence of this wonderful beverage we recreated the route from Enschede up to Kugler Alm into a game.
Grolsch Radler | The design.
Grolsch Radler | Along the way, cyclists answer questions about the Radler beer and its historic past. Answer them all correctly and take a shot at  winning a special edition Veloretti bicycle.
Grolsch Radler | Winning.
Grolsch Radler | Has all that racing made you thirsty? Connect on Facebook and invite your friends to play the game (or go have a beer).
Grolsch Radler | Play
A new platform for upcoming students that makes it easier to find their perfect career. The site offers no less than three different ways to point you towards a bright future, based on your skills and interests. Connect with facebook and create your personal education dashboard.
McDonalds | Drakenpuzzel
McDonalds | Drakenpuzzel
For the newest Happy Meal campaign, we developed a tricky dragon puzzle that needs to be solved. Win a prize package or decipher the dragon code to win an iPad. Additional to the puzzle we animated and produced a tv commercial and banners to support the campaign.
We also did work for
Fagron | BiggBird | KNMP | SOAAIDS | Miljonet | Pure
New to the team
Maurits Mulder | QA Tester | Wanting to learn a bit more about the wonderous world of quality assurance, Maurits is joining us this summer for a brief but baking stay. He will sink his teeth into quality testing and ensuring bug free products.
Boyd Bueno de Mesquita | Developer | Boyd is back! And he's sizzling again this summer. Cruising along the streets on his longboard and still creating awesome things with 'just some code'. That's just who he is man. And what he does best.
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