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Rome wasn.t built in a day and neither are our projects. Pixel by pixel we design, line by line we build and day by day we conquer the challenges to create something unique. This aspiration for perfection gives us great pleasure and joy in our work and keeps us on our toes each day. These are this month's projects that warm our hearts. And as icing on the cake, we.re very proud to share our recent award with you.
How can you help aspiring students to find the perfect job? Whether they know what they want or haven't got a clue yet, we created a platform that uses a search structure that lets the student approach the question from multiple angles. All leading to a personalized career match.
Students who are looking for their perfect career match need look no further. Upon entering the homepage, SBB offers no less than three different options of discovering your perfect career match, based on how much direction you already have in the process. So whether students haven.t got a clue or are nearly certain what they would like to become, SBB will lead students towards a bright future.
SBB Search Method 1
SBB Search Method 2
SBB Search Method 3
After using a search method, the student is shown their potential career matches. The selected careers have the highest percentage based on the job requirements and the results from the test or your interests. Each career has a separate page offering job information as well as informative videos. Students can see why they are matched with a certain job, what the requirements and challenges are, and where they could find a job or internship in the Netherlands.
The platform offers students the possibility to connect via facebook and save all their findings in a personal dashboard. So everything from test results to best career matches will be readily available upon their return.
As this platform's target group is the young generation, it has naturally been developed for both desktop and mobile. Ensuring that students can give direction to their career on their own device, anywhere they go.
SBB | Visit
The average person has 2000 days of free time in their life, to fill with relaxing moments together with family and friends. That's what IKEA calls 'Youtime'. For MEC, we created a campaign website where fans can share their favorite Youtime moment through Instagram & Twitter. The website displays all these moments in a minute-to-minute grid. Find out what others are doing in their day, whether it.s 06:03 in the morning or 02:47 at night.
Ikea You Time | Design
Ikea You Time | Design
Massive Mobile
The world class work of MassiveMusic is now available on your mobile. Check out their portfolio with the best tunes and commercial videos anywhere you go!
Massive Music | Visit
FWA Award & Interview
FWA Award Interview | Visit
FWA Award & Interview
FWA Award Teamw
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New to the team
Sabina van Katwijk - Interaction Designer | Sabina.s passionate about user experiences, mobile apps and sneakers. She loves a challenge, so on her last holiday she climbed the Alpe d.Huez and Mont Ventoux on her road bike. Pretty awesome! Her goal at dpdk is to create products that make people happy.
Rik Timmermans . Developer | Rik gets inspired by the limitations of life. Whether it.s pushing the limits of programming, shifting the limits of nature during skateboarding or exceeding the limits you put on yourself when playing an instrument. It.s what motivates him and keeps him motivated.
Guido Janssen . Usability Intern | After having tried and erred multiple studies, except for being a master at math, Guido happily settled down with the bachelor program Human Technology. He.s an absolute film buff and loves nothing more than spending time behind the big screen, preferably with a beer in hand.
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