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We don't settle for common and standard in what we do, but always strive for exceptional digitalism. Our clients give us the freedom to create custom designs and experiment with new technologies. We love that. In our belief, exceptional work is created with a focus on details. It is all about the details, and that is what makes our work stand out.

Combine beer, burgers, a sunny roof terrace and an awesome audience, and what do you get? An amazing PHP meet-up at DPDK. It was, once again, an inspiring evening. Thanks all for attending, already looking forward to next year.

Knowledge is key. Not 1, not 2, but 5 DPDK members are part of the FWA judges. Recently added to the FWA team: Visual Designer Julia Guillou and UX designer Mathijs. Raising the bar and getting inspired by the amazing work of other agencies.

One of the things that excites us is bringing disciplines together and creating the creme de la creme of our industry. Bringing a website to live by using animation or creating animation videos for clients, we love to do it all.

For SOA Aids, we've created EXperience. A personalized VR experience to raise awareness regarding STD's. Last month, the Aidsfonds conference took place, a great way to share EXperience with the audience.

We have clients all over the world, we connect with them on a daily bases, but meeting in person always works best. That's why we visited DLR to work together side by side on creating their new corporate website.

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