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One of the things that excites us most is bringing disciplines together and creating the crème de la crème of our industry. Pushing the limits by combining our best design and code work. Mixing these two is just pure magic. So prepare to get swept away by yet another great piece of art we've launched this month, our work for DLR. Enjoy!
Digital Realty product case
Digital Realty product case
Digital Realty is the world's largest full scale data center provider. During this last year, DPDK and Digital Realty have worked together to transform their overall customer experience. The first product launched is their global corporate website.


We teamed up to empathise with Digital Realty's target groups; finding out what their needs and expectations are, and how we could connect these with the Digital Realty's business objectives. Based on the insights we gathered, we designed a prototype that was ready for development.
Digital Realty strategy
Digital Realty strategy
Digital Realty strategy


Designed on a very flexible grid, the site is easy on the eye on any device, while animations and transitions make the experience rich and surprising.



From top to bottom and front to back, every element was custom designed or built for Digital Realty.

Digital Realty

Whether it's photo- and videocontent shot all over the globe, custom icons, illustrations and even an interactive globe, all was designed specifically for the Digital Realty brand.


It's bigger, it's better, it's waterstoring.nl. This big platform is future proof, now that it's part of the wonderful world of Progressive Web Apps. It's now live for over a month, what are the big wins, you may ask yourself?

  • Faster than fast
  • Easily accessible from your phone
  • Interactive map experience on mobile
  • Real time and interactive updates
  • Super smooth animations

Stick around with Pim for an 'Up close and personal' interview with FONK magazine. In this interview he opens up about DPDK's past few years, hollow buzzwords, working across timezones, and his expectations for 2019. (In Dutch)


Very nice project by a Dutch animation studio. It took a full year of 5 people full-time working on it, for a 6 minutes of video

No Ghost

Performant, snappy and fluent transitions to interactive WebGL experience.

Isometric perspective

Setareh is a visual artist with educational background in Painting & Animation. She is following her interest in motion design by working @ DPDK.

Isometric perspective
Isometric perspective
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