DPDK #77 Opposites attract!
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Hey, how you doin'?

(Did you pronounce this as Joey from friends in your head? ;-))

No worries! We're not about to give you dating advice in this months newsletter, but we do believe: opposites attract! And that's why we are showing you the design trend for 2019: realism + flat design. Also: we made the Ortec website look like eye candy. Our developer Ben will give you more insights in a bit. Just scroll down for a bunch of inspiration and see what we've been up to this month.


Ortec is the world's leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics. The company can tackle almost any challenge using intelligent data and genius mathematics, but asked ús to build them a global corporate website just as brilliant as they are. We've put a lot of love in it and translated their brand DNA into an animated logo and managed to keep the site compact- even though it packs a huge punch contentwise.

Our fave part? That must be the aforementioned shapeshifting Plus-sign, following you throughout the site, composed out of mathematics and data.

When you lay your eyes on the Ortec website for the first time, the shapeshifting Plus will definitely grab your attention. This element is fully coded with Web Graphics Library (WebGL). For those who don't know, WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering breathtaking interactive 2D and 3D graphics. Our Creative Developer Benedikt worked his magic on this case and will provide some more input about it - keep scrolling to find out.

Have you heard that opposites attract? And with opposites, we refer to realism + flat design; one of the design trends of 2019. Combining realistic 3d objects with completely flat visual 2d elements requires creativity and most importantly, thinking outside of the box. This month's newsletter is all about this cool trend.

What are your visions for the future internet? This website contains all the ins and outs of the internet, some things might be even nice to know for a home quiz pub… Check out the use of the realism + flat design trend. We are in love!

Siemens nailed it! Check out the atlas of digitalization and the 3d earth that follows your cursor. This website is not only captivating but also contains interesting information to scroll through.

Epic and magical that is the first impression we got when we saw this website for the first time. Amazing real time interactive experience...