DPDK #80 Dream Big
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Hi friends,

Here we are again! Did you enjoy your holidays? Unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end, but only to make place for even better things. We are here to give you that extra motivational shot (do you like vodka?), because friend, YOU GOT THIS! With lots of new challenges lined up it’s quite exciting to get back to work and dream big. Yeah yeah, we also enjoyed our time off, but in between we managed to give an interesting Design Thinking Bootcamp and our development rock stars finished up the FWU portal. Also the world keeps on spinning and we have some fresh additions to the team. Scroll down to find out more…

Besides creating an awesome website and a brand video, we also developed a portal for Forward You. A user friendly space to put all the information in one place and make it accessible to the employees. Our backend developer Jon about the project:

It was quite a challenge to work with three teams in different time zones. Especially in the beginning it took some time to adjust properly, but we managed to find a way to communicate efficiently through different channels. The coordination between our application and that from Pakistan was particularly important. From a technical point of view, we have created a very nice product that the entire team is proud of. The application is fast, looks slick and has been rolled out in several countries.

Our Creative Director Rob gave a Design Thinking Bootcamp this month to the super motivated teams of Llumar and Suntek from Eastman. And we can't wait to execute all the cool ideas we've came up with during this bootcamp. Stay tuned!

Woot woot! The website we’ve developed for Ortec won an honorable mention on Awwwards.com and special kudos on CSS Design Awards. #ProudAF

Discover these amazing 3D illustrations made by the talented Jean Pierre Leroux on Behance. We all love 3D, don't you?

Discover these amazing 3D illustrations made by the talented Jean Pierre Leroux on Behance. We all love 3D, don't you?

The holidays are almost over, but this trend will take you on a trip to dreamland. Like a colorful dessert after a delicious dinner with dreamy color transitions and sweet gradients. This design trend will continue being trendy in 2019, only even more vivid. Bringing a futuristic feeling to the overall design, these color schemes will make you feel like you are in an alternative universe.

Say hi to Olga our new office manager/financial administrator! She makes sure that the office is organised, we have food on the table aaaaand money in the bank! Gotta love her. But seriously, she has an extensive administrative experience. Before moving to Rotterdam a year ago she was working in Russia as a PA in different fields like construction, oil/gas, pharmaceutical industries. In her free time she is super passionate about traveling and video making. So far she has been in 41 countries! Oh and her name is Olga, but she goes by Olya.

This cutie pie is called Maffie, she is our office dog on Fridays. She loves to hangout in the park, napping, farting and kissing strangers when they are not looking. Give her a follow on Instagram to fluff up your feed.