DPDK #81 To infinity and beyond
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Hi friends,

Surprise! Here we are again. How did your month go? The leaves are turning gold and the infinite cycle of the seasons continuous. We are expanding our pool of talent with fresh green leaves and celebrating the golden: it’s Antwan’s 10th anniversary at DPDK! Next to that we’ve finished a cool project for Oasen. Check out the new faces and scroll down for more awesomeness.

Together with Oasen and OrangeNXT we’ve created a digital visualization of Oasen’s real-life infrastructure within their service area. This effectively enables Oasen to pro-actively manage and monitor things as the water flow, pressure and leakages within their water pipes. Our Digital Producer Alexander about the project:

‘’We practically cloned their offline system and created a digital twin where they can manage their infrastructure online. Our task was to come up with an exceptional UX for this project. In collaboration with Oasen and OrangeNXT we created a digital environment to be proud of.we created a digital environment to be proud of.‘’

We literally watched him grow within the agency. He is such an inspirational mentor. Happy 10th anniversary Antwan!

This months issue is wrapped in the ‘Open Compositions’ trend. We’re ditching the frames and the feeling of a finished design. Each piece only shows a part of the whole design, playing with the composition and make it literally infinite with each part continuing forever...

A bunch of new faces at DPDK this month.

Armands is more known as Data Geek, Mr Data Analytics or Armands-Despacito. He goes beyond plain statistics and can tell you fascinating stories with data. After living in many countries, three years ago he landed in Rotterdam to study. Since then, it’s his favorite city. Next to his love for data, he enjoys running and learning languages. Oh, and he knows more drinking games than an average person. Even his fun fact is geeky.

Congxi Su majored in Interaction Design and now she has become a UX designer. Besides creating quite a bit of exceptional stuff at DPDK, Su also loves cooking and baking (we can’t wait until her birthday, ghehe). Her doggy is her life because she is crazy about furry creatures.

After completing his Masters in Strategic Product Design from TU Delft, Hardik joined DPDK as a Digital Producer Trainee Previously, he has worked in engineering, design strategy and innovation profiles in India and the Netherlands. Besides work he likes to cook extra spicy dinners and spark his creativity in painting and taking pictures.

Jasper is our fresh web development intern currently studying Creative Media and Game Technology at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He even has his own motto: “Life is developing”. A clever guy, on his way to become a developer rockstar. May the force be with you.