DPDK #87 Choosing the simple life
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Weird times. We would like to say it is business as usual, but it is not. Although we are still in full swing, life has changed. We started working from home and stay in touch through small and large screens. Staying at home was an obvious choice for us. We take the corona threat seriously and put the safety of our employees, clients, and everybody around us first. Simple as that.

And that is what our monthly theme is based on: simplified illustrations. Think defined art with clear choices. Expect to find them all over this newsletter, as this is our designer Zane’s cup of tea. On top of that, we launched an awesome website for Ubersmith, are welcoming some new DPDK-family members and have a few updates.

Our hearts go out to those who suffer and the ones who keep us healthy.

Ubersmith provides companies in 15 countries over 6 continents with open, scalable and integrated solutions for billing, infrastructure and ticketing.

They want to help organizations succeed with their billing and business management efforts, regardless of their business model or infrastructure.

Ubersmith’s website fits this months trend perfectly. Their offerings, products and services often require some explanation. By using simplified illustrations and short and easy copy, the user can focus on the content and the actual storyline, without being distracted by design.
You might have noticed: our offices in Rotterdam, San Francisco and New York are closed. We did however open up shop at some unexpected locations. Say hi to a few of our brand new office managers!
Illustrations in graphic design have been around since ever. But this year, simple illustrations will be a top trend. The simplicity of the style makes it easy for designer to focus on the message, and still deliver something unique and stunning. Be aware, simplicity doesn’t mean easy. It is the same as copywriting: it can take a lot of work to write the perfect three words

Expect illustrations to be clear, quiet, simple and sometimes even childish.
Meet Zane Zake, our DPDK designer! Her illustration style could be considered simplified, but is not easy at all. We were impressed from the start and are happy she is with us.

One of the most well-known brand for simplified illustration: Headspace!
Meet Sanna, our new Account Intern. At the moment she is finishing her master’s in Media & Business at Erasmus University and is doing her internship in DPDK’s Growth department. She wants to learn how to help brands survive in the digital landscape. In her free time Sanna loves discovering new tunes, going to concerts, hitting the gym and hanging out with friends. She tells us that her guilty pleasure is eating chips: ‘‘It's honestly embarrassing how many bags my roommate and I can finish in a week…’’

Krista is our new Project Consultant Intern from Latvia. Currently she studies in Denmark and decided to fly over here and do her internship at DPDK, because she wants to become familiar with the agency life. Next to work, Krista loves traveling and eating her favorite jelly candies.