DPDK #90 Make the complex simple
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Hi friend,
It’s June! We’re halfway through the year and... Boy, oh boy, what a year we’re in. Let’s make the complex simple and accept the facts. Enjoy all the little things and stay positive. This month we are celebrating the go-live of lumenliving.nl, welcoming new talents and if you are looking for an awesome job opportunity…

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Lumenliving.nl is live!
Kondor Wessels Vastgoed - a real estate company in the Netherlands - reached out to us and requested a new website for their luxury apartment brand located in Scheveningen beach called Lumen. Together with our talented team we’ve developed a website that aligns with the premium feeling of Lumen and provides seamless experience for the buyers.
Rotterdam captured
in a font
While cycling through Rotterdam our art director from Greece, Constantine Belias, got inspired and found a creative way to explore the city by designing a contemporary typeface to encapsulate the architecture and the culture.
Creative Director
Are you bursting with creativity and looking for a new adventure? Good news! We are looking for a Creative Director.
The June’s newsletter is wrapped in geometric designs. Basic geometric shapes are the foundation for graphic design and art. Many designers are aiming for simplicity in their design, using plain geometric shapes is still one of the leading trends in the field for 2020. Like Steve Jobs once said: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” Geometric designs may look simple but they actually require a lot of work in order to recreate a composition that carries the right meaning for people to grasp.
Enter the space of virtual economy
And of course geometric design. We think it’s out of this world.
A one day creative conference in geometric design
Bump Festival used geometric designs to create an old school error TV screen feeling on their website. Also, check the website of the previous edition and see how they’ve used geometric designs to create a retro vibe.
Meet Ayana Waki, our fresh UX Design Intern. She is a third year economics major from Tokyo, currently on exchange at Erasmus University Rotterdam. While studying finance, she wanted to challenge herself in something completely different and ended up at DPDK. Her main reason to come to the Netherlands are the festivals. Music, partying in the sun, dancing… Luckily for Ayana that was the first thing she did when arriving in the Netherlands because then the pandemic started. Sadly, no events are going to be held this year but if anyone likes to chat obsessively about music, then there is a good chance you’ll become besties with Ayana.
This is Melissa, she has recently joined DPDK as a Visual Designer. During her studies at Birmingham City University she won an award which helped her gain some connections in the Netherlands. So, three years ago she decided to move from England to Amsterdam. Designing is definitely her thing, just like making art - check it out on her Instagram account. If she is not on her laptop or holding a brush, you can often find her chilling and watching Netflix on the couch.