DPDK logo #94 Falling for Monochrome
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If Dutch fall was a trend (it actually is, we just happen to call it a season) it would be monochromatic. Both grey and seemingly one-dimensional, then a striking color out of nowhere, creating great depth and excitement. Which reminds me, we recently launched something very colorful and in-depth. The new Youchooz-site is now live, helping visitors to decide on their next study or career move in Health, Care and Sports. Next to that, we wrote a few articles on how to become a data gold digger and define website success. Luckily, fall is the perfect season for those longer reads, so take your time and enjoy.

An illustrated phrase saying to stay safe
A news logo A screenshot from the youchooz website A youchooz is live! banner, illustrated
A quote from a team member Nikki A check it out message, animated
The title saying article Measuring your website’s success starts with these key metrics
An abstract illustration to the article's title High performing websites are key to business success. But how to measure your website performance? These 5 key metrics got you covered!
An abstract illustration to the article's title Data is the foundational element that can make your customer experience (CX) so powerful. Learn how to benefit from your data with this article!

Read on or download the infographic to learn how to use data more efficiently and turn it into actionable insights.

It might be your Monochromes Monochrome works. It is simple, consistent, doesn’t overwhelm the message it wants to convey yet adds a serious or even dramatic tone to your design. It also can be applied to more than just text and graphics. When your design features black and white photography, use a monochromatic color scheme by applying a transparent color overlay or screen over the top.
Up for it?
To start your monochromatic color palette, find a single color or shade that fits your brand or suits your design. Then develop your palette by choosing tints, shades, and tones based on this shade. Create contrast to make your message and visuals stand out.
A picture of two bottles, red and blue A picture of a ball going round an unevenly curved edge, all monochrome colors
Title saying inspiration
This site of the day is the perfect example of a simple, consistent, underwhelming design conveying the message in a dramatic way.. It doesn’t distract and the design language is followed from the tiniest UX detail to black and white photography with or without an overlay. A check it out message, animated
Title saying new to the team A picture of Nadiya

Nadiya, the new girl from Ukraine! She did her Bachelor in Arts & Culture Studies and Master in Media & Business at Erasmus University and she has been living in The Netherlands for 4 years now (still doesn’t have a bike). She joined DPDK as a Customer Success Executive Intern in mid-september right after finishing her studies and having a proper summer-off. She loves makeup, movies and she is obsessed with pugs (if someone in the company has one, she will go crazy). Also, one of her “things” is random knowledge, so don’t be surprised if she is casually spilling fun facts here and there.

A picture of Maayke

Say hi to Maayke, our fresh project consultant intern. Usually she is not a morning person, but after a good cappuccino she can be the embodiment of ‘gezelligheid’. Maayke loves Netflix, nutella and clubbing. But due to COVID19, the last night out simply lives in her memories. She also loves writing, researching and creating new things.

A picture of Michèle

Meet Michèle, our multilingual (4 languages!) UX/UI intern. Her name is French because she’s an import from the Swiss Bernese mountains. She moved to the Netherlands to pursue a law study but discovered along the way that she’d prefer a more creative path. Now she’s happier than ever staying hungry and staying foolish while learning and crafting cool designs. When she’s off her MacBook, she can be found sipping bubble tea or dreaming about snowboarding again.

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